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Official Title: Domestic Engineer

1.) All household duties, including but not limited to, cleaning, laundry, minor repairs, and many short notice projects.

2.) Arrange transportation for family members to any number and variety of events

3.) Care for and clean up after sick children...including spouse who becomes as a child when ill.

4.) Comparison shop for all needed household items, including but not limited to, food, cars, car repair, household repairs, gifts, vacations, and any other needs at arise.

5.) Handle any urgent matters of the household by whatever means necessary; email, letters, phone calls, etc...

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If you post any information about my files to any blog, please direct users to my blog, via a link. Now go search and have fun! All artwork is Copyright 2010 Kristal Kloski. My artwork is for your own personal use only. You may not use it for classes, demonstrations, or pass it as your own on your website or any other social networks.
There are no mistakes in crafting...Only happy accidents!

My husband Mike

My husband Mike


Check out their website. I use this for a lot of my projects!



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She has great files for your Design Studio! Go and look! Super cute blog!

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Paint Chip Bookmarks. Recycle!

Here is one I made.

The next few I found on the internet by Google(ing) Images and thought were pretty cute.

Paint Chip Cards

Ever wonder what to do with those paint chips you get and then have left over from your home improvement projects? Here are cute cards that can be made!
(I found this idea online at So here is my version.

-For this project, I used large Olympic paint chips. (you can also use Behr or other brands) They’re large enough to make a nice-sized card front.
-Glue Stick
-Glue Zots (small)
-Ribbon (7"long) any width you desire
-Pre-stick crystals (color or clear)
-Fower Punch (1")
-8.8x 11 Card Stock (cut in half to 5.5x4.25) (score at 4.25)
-Bone Folder
If you want, you can remove the print from the card use a white Staedtler Mars plastic eraser. The printing on most paint chips can be rubbed away with this eraser, leaving nothing but a slightly duller spot behind. (I did not do this)

Punch shapes from each colored section.

To create the card, cut an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock in half (Cut at 5.5).

Score at 4.25 and fold with bone folder for crisp line

The final size of your folded card is 5.5x4.25

You can trim around the unfolded sides to remove the extra cardstock, however I did not. In order to save time, I just added a decorative ribbon instead.

Apply Glue stick to the back of your paint chip

And apply Glue Zots to the backs of the punched shapes, and arrange them on the card front.

Some shapes can be fairly delicate, so use tweezers or a bamboo skewer to apply dots of Tacky glue to the backs.

Apply a tiny acrylic rhinestone to the center of each flower.This is the erasers I bought to remove the words on the paint chips.

2 liter bottles

These are 2 liter bottles that have been transformed into a gift container.

Ideas for these:
I will be putting a Notre Dame T-Shirt in them for my mom's exchange students.

Teacher gift: Small hand sanitizer, stickey notes, pens, pencils etc.
Co-Workers: Same as above

Also, you can use a water bottle and put in a gift cert. for something.

Christmas Cards

Personalized Christmas Cards
Classic Santa Suit, 10/$12.50

Towel Cake with Cricut

This is a towel cake I made for a bridal shower. I used my Cricut to cut out the bride, groom, and greeting.
Embroidery add additional $25

2 Bath Towels
2 Hand Towels
2 Wash Clothes

Milestone Birthday Sucks Boquet.

$10.00 for 40. (depending on detail)
This particular one was made for my Step-Brother who will be (obviously) turning 40 on Jan 18th. He loves UK so I made it in their team colors.
Have a milestone birthday coming up? Want to cheer someone up? Order this "Age" sucks boquet now! I will include the number of suckers for the age of the person .
30, 40, 50 etc.

Price will vary depending on age. I can do most themes and colors.

I have also seen this done for someone (who has a sense of humor) with cancer. (i.e. Breast Cancer all done in pink) stating "Cancer Sucks".

Personalized Candles

Looking for a great gift this coming holiday season?

This 3" pillar candle, is vanilla scented with Star Spangled Blue and Chocolate Fleur De Le on them.

Great for birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts.
This one is going with a towel cake for a wedding shower.
$5 for this size. (plus S&H)
Price will vary depending on detail and candle.

Spinner Card

Spinner Card
I can make these any color and any theme.

When you open it up, the center part spins to reveal the inside greeting of the card. Very neat!

This card was heat embossed and is for a 25 aniversary.

Cake In A Box Card

Cake In A Box Card
$6.50 ea (plus S&H) This card can be custom made for any occasion and done in any color.

Cheeseburger Cake

My husbands birthday is on 9-24. His favorite food is cheeseburgers, so I thought what a great thing to do was to make a cheeseburger cake for him.

Diaper Cake for Baby Scott (9-25)

$70.00 (click on picture to take a closer look)

36 size 2 diapers
1 full size baby wash
1 Hooded Towel
5 Matching wash clothes
1 Rubber Duck
1 small stuffed animal
1 travel size baby power
2 travel size baby lotion
1 travel size baby shampoo
1 travel size baby wash
1 travel size Q Tips
1 diaper rash cream
1 bib
1 magnet

Handmade Magnets

$1.50 each (plus S&H)

Click on picture for a closer look.

Please specify in an email which one you want.

Four New Dresses

Pink on Pink Floral dress: This adorable dress is a light pink with outlines of bright pink and white flowers. Bright pink ribbon ties with white polka dots compliment this dress.

100% Cotton

Measures 20" Neck to bottom

Matching Headband included!

Pink and Green Floral with Ruffel
Pink ribbon ties to match

Measures 17.5" neck to bottom

Matching Headband included!

Teal patter with plain teal ties and rickrack complete this look. This would be great for all seasons just add a long sleve shirt and leggings or jeans.
Measures 17.5" Neck to bottom

Rosy Posy
This sweet dress would be sweet for a baby dress or as a top.

Measures 15" Neck to bottom

Please note that measurements should be taken from the collar bone.

Available Fabrics

The following fabrics are what I have available in stock to custom make your dresses. Please specify your size (along with childs measurements) with your order. You can click on the picture to view the fabric in more detail.

Summer Yellow Flowers (Qty 2 available): This summery fabric is light yellow with a floral print throught. Plain white bottom would be a perfect place to embrioder a name.

Teal Pattern (Qty, 2 available): This fabric is mostly blues, with lime green and chocolate brown to compliment. You can choose from Brown, Teal or Lime Green ties to set this dress off.

Sage Green: This is a plain sage green fabric. This would be perfect with something monogrammed on the center chest area such as a letter, or even a name embroidered on the bottom. (extra charge for embroidering). Your choice of color for the ties.

Lavander Floral (Qty, 2 available): These fabrics have a lavander/purple floral design scattered throught. This would be adorable with a name or monnograme embroidered on the this to finish this piece off. Lavander or purple robbon to complete the look.

Pink Damask: This beautiful fabric is pink on pick floral/paisley design. This would be beautiful with a name or monograme embroidered on it.

Retro Colorfull Polka Dots


This sweet dress is the same one I made for my daughter. it is topped off with Orange and White polka dot bows.

100% Cotton

Fits size 24 mo-3T

Earth Tone Dress


This earth tone dress would be great in the fall with a long sleve shirt and leggings. Can also be used as a top with jeans.

Dress is made from 100% Cotton

Fits size 18-24 mo/2T or up to 3T as a top.

Black and White Dress


This black and white dress has red trim at the chest for a soft feminine look. Red bows complete the look of this dress.

Dress is 100% Cotton

Fits Size 18-24 mo.

Custom Cards and Invitations

This is the invitation I made for my daughters second birthday party (Sept 8). Because Elmo is sort of "Boy", I decided to "girl up" this invitation with soft yellow and pink and adding a ribbon with flowers on it.

I can custom make cards and invitations for most occasions and holidays. Colors can also be customized.

Examples of cards:
  • Wedding Invitations and Cards
  • Save the Date
  • Bridal Shower
  • Baby Shower (Mickey and Friends, Pooh and Friends, and Sesame Street Friends, etc...)
  • House Warming
  • Graduation Invitations and Cards
  • Birthday Invitations and Cards
  • Moving/Relocating
  • Thank You's
  • ...and so much more!

Custom Towel "Cakes"!

Wedding "Cake", a great Shower gift. Add champagne glasses, bubble bath, candles, rose petals and more. Give the romantic one of kind gift at the next wedding shower! It also makes a great wedding shower centerpiece!
Can be customized to accomodate any size and wedding colors.
1 tier: 2 Bath towels
2 tier: 2 Bath towels and 2 Hand Towels
3 tier: 2 Bath towels, 2 Hand towels, 2 Wash clothes

House Warming "Cake", This cake is great to take to a housewarming party, Bridal Shower, or Wedding.

This can be customized to accomodate most any kitchen decor or wedding. Topped with various kitchen utensils.

2 tier: 3 Dish towels and 3 wash clothes.

Baby Bath Time "Cake", is perfect for a baby shower as a gift or a centerpiece. Also great to take to the hospital when the baby is born.

Can be made to accomodate most themes and colors. Girl, Boy, or Neutral.

1 tier: 15 diapers surrounded by a baby towel and topped with a rubber duck, baby shampoo and lotion and 3 "rose" baby wash clothes and wrapped with ribbon.

Can be made with more than one tier.

Graduation "Cake", a great gift for any graduate! Filled with everything for dorm life and decorated in their college colors! It will be the most talked about gift at the party. Get your graduate the thoughtful gift!

2 tier: Includes 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel

Spa "Cake", This cake is great for a Wedding Shower (add in a massage gift certificate for an added bonus for the couple), also give as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or a spa day!

Customize this cake with products and scent of your choice.

1 tier: 1 bath towel and 1 wash cloth, top with your choice of product (2 towels and wash cloth for a couples gift).

Jelly Roll "Cake", Also great for Weddings or House Warming parties. Add a recipe for your favorite jelly roll and the gift is complete.

2 hand or kitchen towels in your choice of color. (Cherry or strawberry topper may not always be available.)

Towel Cakes can be customized to most of your specifications, ideas, colors, and themes.

Please contact me by email with your orders and questions.

Custom Diaper Cakes

Baby Essentials Diaper Cake
Perfect for Baby Showers or to take to the hospital or home after the baby is born. Makes a great centerpiece at showers!
1, 2, or 3 tiers
Filled with essential baby items, mommy and baby will appreciate this one.

This can be decorated for Girl, Boy, or Neutral, Please specify when ordering.

You may specify what you would like on your cakes, they can also be themed.

Custom Pillowcase Dresses

Custom Pillowcase Dresses are super cute and versatile!

A pillowcase dress is one of the most versatile and long-lasting pieces you can buy for your little girl's wardrobe! Not just for the Spring/Summer seasons, you can wear it all year long over jeans, with a shirt underneath or with a turtleneck and leggings - pretty much any way you want! As she grows, it goes from a dress to a top.

I can also custom make a dress for supply the fabric and I will quote you for the labor.

Please don't forget to tell me the size.

Special sizes are available on request!

(Sizes are approximate)
3T... 20"

Since every child grows differently, and some moms prefer the dress to be either shorter or more tea-length, we suggest that you measure your child from her collarbone down to where you want the hem to be. This will give you an idea of the size.

Your dress can be custom monogrammed with a letter or name. Please specify at the time you order. (extra charge)

Retro Polka Dot Pillowcase Dress

Retro Polka Dots
Custom "Pillowcase" Dresses are super cute!
A pillowcase dress is one of the most versatile and long-lasting pieces you can buy for your little girl's wardrobe! Not just for the Spring/Summer seasons, you can wear it all year long over jeans, with a shirt underneath or with a turtleneck and leggings - pretty much any way you want! As she grows, it goes from a dress to a top.
Fabric is 100% cotton.
I can custom made the dress from sizes 0-months to 8 years old.
The picture showing is for size 2T.
If you needed different size, please let me know your preferred size upon order. I can also custom make a dress for supply the fabric and I will quote you for the labor.
Headband sold separtely...