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Blog Award!
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My husband Mike


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Cake Pops? What?

Cake Pops you ask?! Well Yes! Why Not?!

I stumbled accross the Bakerella Blog tonight and thought it was the cutest thing EVER! I'm going to try to make these soon! I'll let you know how it goes...

Click on the picture to go right to the Cake Pops recipe's.

Baby Wipe Case

This one turned out much better! I'd even give it as a gift! LOL

Not sure if you can see it, but there is a bit of silver "glitter" running through the fabric. I also added a pretty button, but in the pitcure it blends in a lot. Click on the picture to get a better view.

I also bought this fabric in blue and brown (in case someone has a boy)

Top - 9 x 5 inches
Bottom - 9.25 x 5.25 inches

I bought a 1/4 yd. of fabric, and probably get 3 or 4 cases from it! cost just over $1.00
The baby wipe case cost $1.27 at Wal-Mart (Huggies Brand)
Ribbon is 3/8" wide and cost $1.97 per roll. You can prob. get about 3-4 cases out of one roll.

So this is a very economical way to give a gift! Less than $5.00!

On this one i added a bit of thin batting to the top and spray glued it on. It looks much better than without it.

Ribbon Buckle Organizer

My husband came up with the name of this! How cute! He's so clever sometimes...

I originally saw this posted on the Cricut thread by Kimberly "SentimentalScrapper". You can check out her blog here. She used her Gypsy, but since I don't have one of those, I used my Design Studio program instead. You can go to the side bar and find the Design Studio .cut file for this.

I made my ribbons go from this unorganized mess (and hard to travel with).

To This! I used a 12x12 sheet of cardboard that a friend gave me. I will buy a large album/binder ring to hang them on.

I also have all of these ribbons! (I Love Ribbon)! I bought this from my local Scrapbopok Store when they went out of business. As you can see, I should have bought two of them...

My version of the TP Roll Mini Book

I used all scraps for this! I think my Mom may get it for Mothers Day this year...Shhh don't tell!

Boutique Style Baby Wipe Case

This is my first try, and it came out a little sloppy. So I'll have to do another one...Guess I'm keeping this one! LOL I got this idea off YouTube (love the videos on there! Can't get enough!)

It was pretty easy, you just have to take your time and be really careful with the glue. Just YouTube Custom Baby Wipe Case and you should be able to find several videos.

Next time I'm going to put some batting or an extra piece of fabric on the top to hide the pop opening a little better.

These make great baby shower gifts. Also, great to take to the beach or on vacation or just keep in the car. The great thing is that you can customize it to your design style! YEAH!

Hot Glue Gun Holder

Look what my husband made for me! I'm not the only creative one in the house! LOL
I just need to paint, embelish, or Mod Podge it and bling it up now.
But man does this help my table from having those little glue dots all over it. And it keeps it standing up! I don't know about you, but mine used to fall over (and off the table sometimes) all the time! What a pain it was! But now I've got this cool little gadget from my sweet hubbie! Thanks Babe! Love Ya! XO

50 Blows & Sucks

I had to make a gift for the guy who owns the Barber Shop where my husband works. I know that he loves beer, so this is what I cam up with. I put Blow Pops and Dum Dums in it. One side says 50 Blows, the other side 50 Sucks. The beer mug was less than $2 at walmart! WOO HOO!

I had to make this kinda quick. I would have liked to etch the mug with his initials in it or the name of the Barber Shop. (Hey that's a good idea for christmas! LOL) I'm thinking ahead now!