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Blog Award!

Blog Award!
My first blog award! Thank you Audrey at for this!

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My resume

Official Title: Domestic Engineer

1.) All household duties, including but not limited to, cleaning, laundry, minor repairs, and many short notice projects.

2.) Arrange transportation for family members to any number and variety of events

3.) Care for and clean up after sick children...including spouse who becomes as a child when ill.

4.) Comparison shop for all needed household items, including but not limited to, food, cars, car repair, household repairs, gifts, vacations, and any other needs at arise.

5.) Handle any urgent matters of the household by whatever means necessary; email, letters, phone calls, etc...

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

If you post any information about my files to any blog, please direct users to my blog, via a link. Now go search and have fun! All artwork is Copyright 2010 Kristal Kloski. My artwork is for your own personal use only. You may not use it for classes, demonstrations, or pass it as your own on your website or any other social networks.
There are no mistakes in crafting...Only happy accidents!

My husband Mike

My husband Mike


Check out their website. I use this for a lot of my projects!



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Email Me!
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The Gypsy Spots

My Pink Stamper & Karlee Krafts

One of my favorite Blog sites with great tutorials. She is super cute and funny!
Karlee Krafts

Allie Browns Layouts

Crazy for Crafting...Cute Stuff!

She has great files for your Design Studio! Go and look! Super cute blog!

Mod Podge Rocks, Blog

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Chick N Scratch

A fellow SU! Demonstrator! Her site is full of cute ideas.

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Dawn's Stamping Thoughts
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Give your bridesmaids a perfect gift they will treasure forever. Use your wedding colors and their initials or personalize each one for their individual personalities.

Also great for Moms, Gramdma, or anyone in your wedding party.

Cute Scarf

I found this cute scarf and tutorial over at go check out the website!

Saturday Morning Scarf – fleece scarf tutorial

You can make a cosy scarf that is a combination of Jersey and Knit - comes with video tute!Follow Me on PinterestThis fleece scarf tutorial has a new twist - jersey knit ruffles! You can make a warm, comfortable scarf that is perfect for wearing on Saturday morning.
You’ll need:
1/3 yard fleece
1/2 yard jersey knit (t-shirt fabric)
Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

There is no need to download a free pattern here, this pattern is so simple – none is needed!

Video tutorial here, written below:

1 – Cut out pieces

Taking your rotary cutter and mat cut the following strips :
From the fleece cut 3 strips that are 3 inches wide (and 60 inches long)
From the jersey knit cut 6 strips that are 2.5 inches wide ( and 60 inches long)
Tip: don’t have a large cutting mat? Just use a plastic office chair mat – it’s soft plastic so it won’t hurt your blade, and it can take abuse.

2 – Prep the knit pieces and lettuce edging (optional)

Sew three of the knit strips together - place wrong side to right sides (the the pieces of fabric are overlapping about .5 inches) and then sew together with a straight stitch, Repeat with the other three strips.
While this step is optional, this edging really adds to the body and “waviness” of the scarf. You can use a serger to make the edging or…..
if you are like me and don’t own a serger you can make “fake lettuce edging”.
To make fake lettuce edging, take one of your knit strips, begin to fold over edge (about and 1/8 to 1/4 of and inch) and sew along the edge using a wide zig zag stitch, that is close together (not quite a satin stitch, but tighter than the normal setting on you machine).
Sew, gently stretching the cloth before and after the sewing foot all the way down the edge.
Note: Practice this technique on some scraps to get it down before you try it on your cloth. Heavier knits tend to do this better than very light knits. Also it doesn’t have to be perfectly even – it won’t be noticeable on the scarf!

3 – The fleece Section

Be sure to cut off the about 2 inches off the ends of the fleece strips.
Then, sew the fleece pieces end to end using the same technique we did with the knit - place wrong side to right sides (the the pieces of fabric are overlapping about .5 inches) and then sew together with a straight stitch.

4 – Begin to bring it all together

starting at one end of the scarf pin the knit on top of the fleece (wrong side to right side so the fabric is stacked and overlaps .5 inches. Pin all the way down and curve around the bottom (see picture)
Sew on using a straight stitch. Then starting at other side, repeat, making sure you have both ends with knit.

5- Add the scrunch

Using a basting stitch, ( a long stitch that isn’t finished on the ends) sew down one side the scarf to gather (do this in three sections, using the overlap seams of the fleece as a natural break, I recommend doing this in three sections as the scarf is long and there is a lot of gathering to do. ). Do the same on the other side
Gather the scarf to the “scrunchiness” you want on both sides.
Tip: This is a good thing to do while watching a movie. May I recommend “To Catch a Thief” with Carry Grant and Grace Kelley? =)

6 – Set the scrunch

Now that you have your scarf gathered just the way you want it – it’s time to make sure it stays that way. Using a medium width, but slightly shorter zig sag stitch, over your basting stitch all the way down the scarf. Trim your thread and you are finished!

Sweet Treat Cups

I'm SO excited! I signed on as an Independent Designer for Origami Owl!
Here is my website, check me out!
My journey with Origami Owl® began when I attended a craft show. I fell in love with the product immediately! After learning more about the company and its amazing opportunities, I decided to start my career as an Independent Designer.
 I love working with this community of smart, positive and energetic women!